If you are looking for financial advice for the first time, our first piece of advice to you would be speak to your friends and family and see who they recommend.

This will help you to overcome the first obstacle you will have when seeking financial advice for the first time, trust. Who can I trust to deal with my finances?

More often than not if your friends and family recommend a financial adviser its because they trust them.

If you have already done this and you have not been recommended to anyone as perhaps you are the first to seek advice, then all we can ask is that you consider us to help you with your financial matters.

Our family business has been in existence for 24 years on the recommendation of our existing clients to their families and friends.

Our first meeting does not cost you anything. The first meeting is quite simply to see if we like each other and to discuss your needs. From there, you decide whether or not you would like to take things further.

If you do, we will then sit down and work out your financial goals, how we can achieve them, the service you will receive from us and the cost.

Through relationships we have developed with some of the countries leading institutions and forward thinking, like minded individuals, we are able to offer our clients unique propositions that are only available to a select few advisers.

Let’s arrange a meeting to get the ball rolling.

You can either call us on 01257 425544 or send an email to: mark@afpwealth.com